A man who loses his wife on a weekly trip to the supermarket

Jake walked down the street, his eyes glazed over not really taking in his surroundings, his mind wandering back to the day of his wives death, he had been a different man since spiralling into a depression which embroiled each day in sadness and the question of whether or not life was worth living any more.


It was a normal day, Jake and his wife on their usual dawdle to the supermarket to pick up the week's groceries, as they approached the store a man flew into Jake's wife sending her in front of a delivery truck which went straight over her, sending a horrible cracking sound through the car park

"Nooo!!" Jake screamed,the man glanced round but continued to run away, the security guards sprinting after him.

"Somebody help" Jake pleaded looking around , a circle of onlookers had gathered, one of them pulled out a phone dialling for the emergency services.

Jake turned to his wife, her breathing was slowing, the life draining from her face as her mouth tried to form words,none came then her face fell.

"No, please no...where is the ambulance?... no" he gasped, tears flowing down his cheeks onto his wives lifeless face.Moments later the ambulance arrived but it was too late.


Nowadays, Jake just did the same thing day in, day out.He woke up, ate, visited his wives grave, then ate again then slept...well tried to sleep because every night his mind was cosumed by the memories of that fateful day. his depression beginning to take over.


Then one day as Jake visited the grave of his late wife there was a man.

"Hello Jake, " he croaked his voice sounding as though it had given up through overuse.

Jake laid his flowers,Daisies, replacing the sunflowers he had left the day before then knelt down saying a prayer for his wife before standing and turning to the man.

"Who are you?" he questioned his face looking puzzled.

"So you dont remember me, i was one of the security guards at the supermarket on the day your wife died, i am now chief of police, i thought you would like to know the man who caused the death has turned himself in."

"May i speak to him?"

"Of course, but it will have to be under police supervision." came the rehearsed reply.

A few days later Jake walked up to the door of the police station, led by the former security guard who took him straight into an interview room then left to get the thief.

He returned a few moments later with the 'man' ,he looked as though he had barely left school, leading Jake to imagine just how young he was when he had knocked over Jakes wife three years previously.

Jake had known the day he would meet his wives killer would come, but now he didnt know what to do, he was livid, but knew his wife wouldnt have wanted him to lose his temper so he sat down and started asking the boy some questions.

They sat talking for hours.

It turned out the kid was being bullied at school and had been forced into robbing the store nad now three years later had decided to turn himself in to set the record straight and apologise for the terrible mistake which had robbed Jakes wife of her life.

But talking to the boy had made Jake realise it was nothing more than an accident and after a few years managed to get over the death of his wife, her memory living with him for the rest of his, guiding him out of his depression to live a reasonably happy life until the day he left the earth to spend an eternity with her in heaven.

The End

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