Mura is awakened by the smell of heaven.

Flowers, dozens of colours--clipped at the centre and neatly bunched together, tied with a white string--lay beautifully at the foot of Mura's bed. Their aroma was heavenly, it lingered in the air, generously being blown around by a breeze pouring in from a large opened window.

Mura awoke, yawned and stretched her arms high into the air. Her nose picked up on the beautiful array of flowers resting beneath her feet. She smiled, leaned over and picked them up and brought them to her nose. Her nostrils opened wide as lavender, rosemary and lilac infiltrated them. She thought to herself, “who could have left these here?”

The sun filtered through white blinds, casting blades of gold across her bed, bending against the wall behind her. She looked over at the clock, a modern makeshift antique her mother collected, it read: 7:55 AM. Realizing that she was going to be late for school, she threw off her comforter and slid into a pair of pink fuzzy slippers and dashed into the washroom.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she picked apart her beautiful looks, thinking things such as “I need a new nose,” and “my eyes are too big,” not knowing how incredibly mesmerizing she truly was. Mura has always been her own worst critic, despite being super-model gorgeous with a body that looked like it stepped out of a fitness magazine.

After her battle with the mirror, she turned around and walked over to the shower, magically removing her panties and t-shirt in the process. Showers were among the highlights of her day, she'd spend hours in them if she could, but sadly the hot water tank only held enough water for a twenty-five minute one.

Soon after her shower ended, she received a text on her phone, it said: “dan sed yes, get rdy”. Dan was a guy she fancied, so she hastily got dressed, and then dashed out the door. She had no time to say good bye to her father, who sat at the kitchen table reading a newspaper. He was in his work clothes, a blue mechanics outfit with his name etched in white on a black stitched patch. It read: Wade.

The End

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