Mumbles from a Woman Stripped of her Sanity

Continuous tears stream from my eyes,
Continuous heartache paining in my chest.
Wishing, Praying, Pleading "God, help me."
Life is not perfect, and i never knew a person who didn't have their own demons within themselves.
Now i must face mine.
Stare into it's cold eyes
and spit on it's face
for this demon has not only brought fire and hell within
but the damned of my soul.
I cry out with every ounce of my strength
"where are you? where are you? i need you.. i need you"
knowing now it's seems useless..
no heroine to save me from my own darkness but my self.
i try to suffocate this feeling,
not letting it take a breath.
i try to drown it out,
making it engulf water.
i try to let it out,
blood streaming from it's veins.
And although i've only imagined it
it was useless, everything is useless.
trapped. wanting to let go of the material things.
the so called comfort and necessities.
when deep within those, it's all lies and betrayal.
nothing more than bad mouthing, soul less creatures
that think they are doing good on this earth.
The sounds create the utmost aggravation, making me want to take anything sharp,
and finally have silence.
Peace. Happiness.
That so called Comfort.

I need to escape.

The End

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