Multiple Personality DisordersMature

A boy who has multiple personalities, however he has an extremely odd case where each of these different personalities contain other disorders.

Important: I will be using bold, italic, and underlined type to represent the different personalities within Alex. See the Author Guidance column to see who is who. Thanks.


"So Alex, as this is your first session, why don't you start by telling me a little bit about yourself."

Psychologists. Hated them. Thinking THEY can help.  Trying to make me believe that THEY have the answers. That THEY care. That THEY know what it's like.

They have no CLUE!

It's because they're trying to kill us! They are the ones that caused th-

Will you stop? I don't know why we even go on these visits. We should have just stayed on the open road... we were doing just fine there. Who needs other people? Especially self-righteous psychologists!

Listen Derek... I think you're all over-reacting. They recognize us for what we are... they know wer are special. THIS one is kinda good looking too...

"Hey sexy wan-"

"Cough Cough. Scuse' me... so umm... why are we here again? And who are you?"

The psychiatrist did something very unprofessional. She looked scared and confused, and... repulsed. Doesn't surprise me.

"Us?" she asks, trying to make sense of the situation.

I look at her. She is plain-

Plain is better. I like petites. The less curves the better... but I'll take any when it comes down to i I gue-

and black haired. She looks young and I feel sorry for her. I'm not an easy case. Of course if she had us... me... she had to be good. But I doubt she was good enough.

No one is. Which is why we should just abandon humanity altoge-

"You wanna her OUR story? It is one of intrigue, and despair, and torture... it is not for the faint-hearted. Maybe I ought to examine you first to make sure you are up to the cha-

"You aren't going to kill us are you? You're taking too long to answer! YOU'RE ONE OF THEM AREN'T YOU?!?"

I give a mental command to the rest of me to shut up. They do, For the moment.

"Listen lady. I know you are probably scared out of your mind right now, but if you wanna help you are going to have to listen carefully. I'm only gonna be able to tell this once. You ready?"

She nodded quickly, A little too quickly, and pulled out a notebook.

"You may want a recording de-"

"No not a RECORDING device! Are you STUPID??? She'll get others an-"

"-vice. I'm not stopping during this tale... and things do get pretty crazy."

I waited as she rustled in a desk drawer, then started the crazy tale of my crazy life.

The End

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