Spear aimed at the mules.

Quickly flicking the switch on the gun from single shot to automatic Spear's sprays a volley bullets from left to right and back again at the nearest Mules who drop to the floor with body parts flying through the air.

Taking a quick two steps back towards the carriage door with the AK47 still firing it's lethal payload the second wave of Mules come screaming forward over the corpses of their brothers towards Spear.

The bullets cut them down like a hot knife through butter giving Spear that vital few seconds to get to the carriage door. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his last hand grenade, rips out the ring and flings it deep into the group of Mules heading for him at speed in an uncontrollable rage.

Grabbing the door handle and jumping through the open doorway, slamming the metal door shut he prays not one of these monsters would get to the door before the grenade exploded.

Boom! Shrapnel and body parts hit the door making the carriage shudder left to the right throwing Spear to the floor behind the door. The lights in Spear's carriage flicker, then silence, not a single sound, moan or groan.

"Washington, come in..... come in, over!" Spears quickly says down his radio whilst checking his magazine in his AK47.

"You injured Spear?" Washington calmly says, almost too calmly over the radio.

"No, but they're going to be in a bad state in First Class" replies Spear.

"Okay, get yourself out of there and rendezvous with Bradley at the Drop Zone by 0800, we're pulling out of there" says Washington with a sound of urgency now in his voice.

As Spear looks up from the floor his heart sinks he sees the carriage door handle slowly turning down.....


The End

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