Muichimotsu: the Beginning

In a medieval world lined with magic, secrets, and chicken soup, a young girl fights desperately to decode a prophecy given to her by a mysterious old woman. Friends and family are torn apart as they learn more about themselves and their families' ancient war. Can the girl decode the prophecy in time to salvage what's left of the family she once had?



Looking back now, it's been almost fifty years since then hasn't it?

Oh Jizabel, I'm so sorry for all that I had said and done...

Although, it doesn't really matter any longer does it?

Heh...I really am a terrible person aren't I?

Your final words in this beautifully tragic place were spoken to me.

You told me, “Muichimotsu Noriko...Muichimotsu.”

It's funny really, how that one word can have so many different meanings, so many different interpretations....

I suppose, Jizabel, it's time for me to finally take your advise and let go.

This will be the last letter I leave here, at this most woeful of places,

this “Grave that is not a Grave”.










Hold nothing.

If you meet the Buddha, Kill the Buddha.

If you meet the Patriarchs, Kill the Patriarchs.

Free of everything,

Bound by nothing.

Live life simply as it is.






Chapter 1




Fifty years earlier....

“Awh, hell Jizabel! Stop moving so damn fast, I can't keep up!” a seventeen-year old girl dressed in what appeared to be a Gothic Lolita dress ran through a bright and shining field of green. It was black and off-white with tons of lace and frill. Strangely enough, the dress complimented her long curly auburn hair, which had a miniature Lolita hat tied to the top.

“HA! It's not my fault your slow as hell!” a boy, who appeared to be her age, spun around to face her about five yards ahead. He had shoulder-length golden hair that glistened as bright as the sun above them. Unlike the girl, Jizabel was dressed in semi-loose black chained pants and a dark purple tank top. “Ugh, Noriko aren't you dieing in that?” Jizabel stared in disgust at the thick layer of frills that devoured the small girl he cared so much for, “Can't you just wear normal clothes for a change? Like a nice tee-shirt and jeans?”

Noriko grimaced at the thought of the simplistic clothing most female seventeen year olds wore, “ HELL. NO.” And with that she chased even faster, pushing herself beyond her usual pathetic amount of excursion.

Soon enough the petite little Noriko was catching up to the slightly more built, but still obviously underweight, Jizabel. The two of them raced in a bliss-filled silence until a small old-fashioned cottage came into view. Three small children ran out to greet them. The one who appeared to be the youngest, a girl with shoulder-length wavy blond hair and bright green eyes was in the lead. Following closely behind was the oldest boy. He had shoulder-length shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. The one bringing up the rear-end was the middle-child. He wasn't nearly as tall as the oldest, being only a little bit taller than the girl, he had long pin-straight brown hair that reached his waist pulled back into a very loose ponytail. His bright green eyes sparkled with excitement.


The End

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