Mudkip's Great Adventure

Mudkip is an Exploration Team member alongside Apollonius the Pikachu. However, during a quest Mudkip falls down a green pipe at the end of a Mystery Dungeon, and enters a weird and colourful world...

We walked and walked, on and on, through the Dread Caves. The Dread Caves are a Mystery Dungeon, and not a nice one either. They're infested by Golbat and other nasty brigand Pokémon.

I was with Apollonius, my best friend. Apollonius is a Pikachu, but he wasn't always. He used to be a human living in the dark, post-apocalyptic future. His Pokémon companion was Grovyle, a Grass-type Pokémon who went into the present and stole the Time Gears. We thought he was bad, because taking a Time Gear freezes where it stays, but he was really using them to take into the future and unfreeze the dark world.

But now that the future is changed, he, Celebi, Dusknoir and the other future Pokémon have been wiped from existence. Apollonius should've been erased as well, but Dialga, Pokémon god of time, took pity on him and restored him to life.

Now Apollonius and I are wandering through the dank Mystery Dungeon, occasionally KO'ing a Golbat that dares stray into our path.

Then we reach a huge chamber lit by the orange glow of sizzling lava. The only reason we're here is to rescue Lucario, some great explorer who got taken prisoner by a Pokémon here. Not so great after all then!

In the chamber is a huge red and silver Pokémon. It is shaped kinda like a giant tortoise but it has no shell. Steel bangles are locked around its feel, and its head wears a sort of steel helm that's part of its body.


"Whut?" I reply bluntly.


"I guess it wants to fight us," I say to Apollonius. The Pikachu nods and his red cheeks spark with yellow lightning.

Then - the Heatran is upon us. He pounces forward with the sound of metal upon stone, and a Fire Blast is launched from its mouth at me. I quickly fire a Hydro Pump at the blast, destroying the flames completely and driving water into the beast's mouth.

Heatran is briefly stunned, in which time Apollonius zaps him with a quick ThunderBolt. But the Legendary Pokémon uses Iron Head, headbutting Apollonius into a wall, where he almost falls into a pool on lava when he hits the floor.

"Apollonius!" I cry.

Heatran's mouth opens wide, and I see a glowing orb of fire begin to slowly take shape in his mouth. But before he can spit the Fire Blast and kill Apollonius I shoot a Blizzard at him. He is coated in ice and unable to battle!

Apollonius gets up and brushes ash out of his yellow fur. Then he wanders over to a small cavern at the end of the chamber. Columns of fused stalactites and stalagmites form a natural cage for the Lucario inside.

"That must be him," I say. Apollonius nods.

The Lucario hasn't noticed us. The blue and yellow humanoid Pokémon just lies limp against the wall of his prison.

"WASSUP!!" I bellow really loudly.

Lucario grunts, then looks up. His red eyes meet mine. From the expression on his face he it very tired, not to mention starved.

"Urgh," he murmurs. "Food..."

Apollonius charges with electricity and uses Volt Tackle full-on on the rock bars of the cage, snapping them like twigs. I hand an apple to Lucario and he eats it hungrily.

"So," he says, "who ARE you guys anyway?"

The End

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