Muddy Runs and Pitched DecksMature

A story of re-connection(as friends) after an emotional breakup.

Muddy runs, and pitched decks, the early autumn glaze unwinds a long, hiking day.
Our boots aren't shined, and our eyes aren't dull. The reddish-orange and pinkish-blue
hues blend over the embers rising into the sky. "Throw more logs." She says to me,
smiling so beautifully. A ton, bark-rippled, stumps drop into the fire. Flocking, roaring
pits, stone encircling and sharing stories. Glasses touch, and hands wander. Laughing
with tits we grabbed. While I grab hers. you twist mine and joke, "You had it coming",  
she chuckles into my light. A conjoining cackle, your loosened. So content. So reserved.
Still a classy bitch till the day you die. I'll always be thankful for you, even with a new
voice, guiding my light.

The End

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