Mud Boy

On the last day of school, seven year old Violet Frey sees a boy completely covered in mud. Intrigued, she follows him into the woods to uncover a world she never knew existed.

I had never seen a boy covered from head to toe in mud before. But for all that I knew, it could've been a right of passage. And it proved my idea - that the last day of school would never be boring.

That year, first grade had been neutral to me. You see, my parents were both teachers at the local college. Dad was an English literature teacher, while Mum taught an Advanced Chemistry class. I have no idea how they got together, but they did.

I was taught loads of vocabulary before school started. I hated this; It made school boring. Most days I'd just sit there while other kids learned how to write "Cat" and "Dog" and "Sat" while I'd be writing words like "Phenomenon" and "Equivalent" and "Apocalypse."

I think my parents were dissappointed I wasn't some genius child.

The bell sounded, and everyone burst out of the classroom, like a the air of a balloon being released. Running to their mothers and hugging them, mothers bent over their children as if protecting them from the other families, and the few dads who stood in the background, checking their watches.

I wandered from the classroom and ran to no one. Both my parents worked until 6 o'clock at night.

I squeezed in through the families, wedging my way past the main entrance. When I made it to the open air, I saw him.

That boy, covered in mud. Head to toe.

It didn't look like he was being teased or pranked; he was smiling. A great, big smile stuck out amonst the dull brown mud like the sun in the sky.

He looked at me, winked, and walked across the parking lot.

I stood there, before making up my mind. I followed him.

I'd make sure to be home for dinner.

The End

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