Much ado about nothing

The sun was setting over Milton in a swirl of red and pink. Lottie looked out over the moors, stunned into silence by the ribbons of colour that lit the sky on fire. The tree were black against the sky, the wisps of cloud purple. She looked at it and couldn't help but think it was perfection. The skyfire complimented the corkscrew curls of her hair; contrasting with her jewel green, cat-like eyes. She was wearing a black dress, with lace and satin detail. She threw a jewel purple pashmina over her shoulder and walked into the woods.

Tha sun was setting fast, and the blue green moss looked menacing in the dim light. The leaves rustled in the cool breeze, a welcome difference to the humid air that hung stuffily around her. As she wandered, she thought about the boy she was here to meet. He was a gentleman. He was a year or two older than her, with dark, straight hair that fell about his face in a ruffled way. His eyes were a darker green than her's, like the forest or sea in the twilight.

She walked into the clearing where they'd arranged to meet. The moon had bathed it in silver light; the sky was clear, like a flat, still surface of water. She saw in the trees, lost almost in the gloom of tiny twiglet branches, a dark green pool of swirling water. His eyes. And another Girl?

Heartbroken, Lottie ran shouting that he was "Such a cad!" and slapped him full on round the face. She ran home, stuttering and stumbling, leaving a trail of diamond tears as a path of dispair.

He followed the crystal dew. Lottie's muffled cries  echoed through the thin clearnair like gunshots. His half-smile fell from his face as he heard the distressed sobs.

"Lottie..." He whispered. Silence.

"Lottie... That girl... She was my sister..."

The End

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