Ms. Trouble

This poem is dedicated to a girl I met my first year of college. My friends and I used to have a crazy crush on her. She was kind of shy and introverted. I always felt like she wanted to be open and expressive but she was trapped and felt like she had to stay in the mold that society put her in. The following year, she became a lot more open after she joined and made friends with a group of people. Now she ratchet AF LOL.

The moment I met you was like fireworks,

Eyes like a sky full of stars and a smile that could melt a frozen heart,

I had the biggest crush ever on you,

Palms tensing, voice trembling, as I stuttered a "hi",

You turned right at me and replied "hey",

Fast forward to the present and now I realize we aren't meant for each other.

You want to be close to people, but you protect yourself by hiding and filtering your feelings.

You want to find a Prince Charming, but you'd rather have a bunch of boys chase you instead.

Now that I realized my fantasy has been crushed, I appreciate you more now.

Within the ugliness, I see your true beauty.

You are a butterfly trapped in a cocoon and must break free.

I may not see you the same why I did before: lusting, yearning, crushing.

But now I appreciate your chaos, Ms. Trouble. 

The End

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