Nora Elaine: Black coffee and,"the usual"

            "Evening, Mr. Watson. What can I get for you today, Sir?" I asked with a not-so-genuine smile as I saw the fubsy old man aproach the bar.

          "Why hello there, Norma! Mighty fine day, is it not?" The walrus-of-a-man asked.

        "Uh, Nora," I said, smile faiding. I sware, I've known that man my whole life and he still fails to get my name right. "What can I get for you?" I asked again. My inpatiance showing more than I intended.

        "A black coffee," He said, completly ignoring my correction. "Oh, and 'the usual'."Said Mr. Watson, with a sly look on his face.

       "Coming right up," I said flatly as I scurried away to fill his order. "Okay, that'll be, uh, $2.23."

     "What!? $2.23! " He said a little too loudly.

      "Um, yes, Sir. I do believe that is what I said." I said as I roled my eyes.

      "But two dollors and twenty-three cents? That is outrageous!..... " He babbled. Along with some other incoheriant nonsense.

      "Must you keep repeting yourself?"

      "Don't get cheeky with me, Young lady! $2.23  is way to much. Just last week it was $1.23."

       "Yes, Sir, we did have to raise the prices. But that's only because we have people such as you that come and stay all night not bothering to buy much." I said, cocking an eye brow.

      "Well....humph..." He said handing over a two dollar bill and some loose change.

      "Okay then, what do you say now?"

      "WHAT!" He protested so loudly that other costumers turned to stare. "My dear, Norma Elaine Frankton," well at least he had my middle name right that time "I have known you Your whole Li...."

      "And," I said interupting him. "You have never bothered to learn my name. It's Nora Elaine Frankmond!! And the rules are the rules!"

     "Fine." He leaned over the bar and wispered, "Melaine."

    "Very good, Sir." I said mockingly. " Right this way." I lead him down the hallway, through the kitchen,  opened the  closet door and pulled the lever that slid over the utility-shelf door way. I gave Mister Watson a look telling him to 'go on'. He nodded a 'good evening' and disappeared down the hidden stare case to our speakeasy.



The End

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