Ms. Speakeasy

                                                       Nora Elaine: Family history

       In September of 1878, my grandfather, Lucas Frankmond, packed up himself and his five year old  son -my father-, Emmett Frankmond, and headed from Ireland  to America. My great Grandparents had owned a very successful pub in Ireland. Though leaving Ireland was one of the most important oportunaties to Granddad, he loved running a pub.  In 1895 he had the most popular pub in Kansas city Missouri. How he wound up in Kansas City, of all places, I'll never know.

       At the age of  22 Daddy met Momma, they were married a year later. Two years later, in 1905, I, Nora Elaine, Was born!

      When I was little momma died. That's all I know. Not how, not where, just that she did.

     I am 18 now, in the year of 1923. Granddad died 7 years ago. Prohibition knocked out the pub business 3 years ago. We are now a small diner. Not on top. But not exactly on bottom. Just a nice little family diner...Well, on the outside, that is.

The End

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