Bright and Early

I couldn't quite understand what she meant, but I just let it go, figuring it would all come together at some point down the road.

"So I'll see you tomorrow morning at HQ?" I asked her.

"Bright and early, Inspector."


I started up the granite steps to my branch of the New York Police Department.  The sun was barely up at this point, and even the City that Never Sleeps was quiet.  I pulled out my keys, only to pull on the door and discover it unlocked.  This made me pause a moment; even the Sergent isn't here this early.  Wonder who it could be...?

I started down the hall towards my office, finding that door unlocked, too.  This was starting to get a bit odd.  I pushed open the door tentatively.  There, sitting and the previously-deserted secretary's desk sat Shannon.

"Good morning Inspector!" she called cheerfully, shuffling some papers.

"'Mornin," I replied slowly, surprised at her exuberance.

Strange... I coulda sworn her hair was shorter yesterday.  Like, six inches shorter...

"Well, I'm here bright and early, just like I said."

"I figured you meant bright, but I didn't think this early.  I'm usually the first one here."

"Guess I beat you here, huh?" she asked playfully.  I nodded, amused by her youthful eagerness.  I watched her sort papers with interest.

I could've sworn her hair was shorter yesterday...

"Any plans for the day, Inspector?"

I shrugged.  "We'll probably get a few calls, but probably nothing major.  Then again, y'never know."

Just as luck and fate would have it, the phone rang.  Shannon let me answer it.

"Inspector Johnson."

"Yes, how soon can you get down here?"

"Depends where 'here' is."

"West 7th.  Danbue Lodge."

"We'll be right over."  I hung up.  "Well Ms. Shannon, we're off to an early start today.  We're..."

"... Danbue Lodge, West 7th, a Stewart Trouse," she rattled off, not looking up from her papers.

I nearly balked.  "How'd... how did you...?"

"I have very good ears, Inspector," she replied as she swung her black coat over her shoulders.

I didn't bother mentioning that the guy on the other end never told me his name.

The End

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