Ms. Goodin

She is an old teacher of mine.

     My most influential teacher has been Ms. Barbara Goodin, a very strong and intelligent woman.  She has helped me through my emotional problems as well as being beside me when I needed her most when I was given a difficult assignment in almost any class other than her own.  Ms. Goodin does her best to be a great role model and to encourage all of her students to be independent thinkers who are relatively honest.  One thing I will never forget about my most influential teacher is that being independent and thinking critically is always important in order to honor myself and those I love.
     When I first arrived in Collins, Mississippi, I had a lot to learn about the hardships of life.  My teachers before had been very helpful and kind.  Although my family has been very supportive, there were times when I needed a friend or mentor.  I kept on the look-out for the ideal teacher or mentor as I whimsically floated along in middle school.  I may have had influential teachers, but none as inspiring as Ms. Goodin. 
     The first day of Theatre was very interesting.  I knew I would have met many new friends, even at the cost of my own personal bubble.  Ms. Goodin walked in the room with a dramatic entrance to introduce herself.  She began by telling us how she was the mother of two children, both of which attended an opposing school.  Ms. Goodin went on to explain that her main career is within the U.S. Military and it would be possible that her absence would be necessary.  I examined her just as I did every other teacher.  Her very short hair stood erect on her head which was approximately six feet from the floor.  Her engaging eyes swept across the room to possibly do the same as mine had been doing.  After just a few minutes of having a big classroom discussion about the crooked happenings overseas, and the brilliant style of teaching she displayed I was hooked on Ms. Goodin.
     To this day I can honestly say that no other teacher has been able to demand my attention and inspire me to achieve greater things quite like Ms. Goodin has.  Although there have been many great teachers to influence my educational career, she has definitely been a mile-stone in my building my own character and independence.  If I ever find a teacher who has the aptitude to circumvent my procrastination and inspire me to make myself more of an honorable and independent person, I will always remember him or her.  Until that day comes, I will always remember the ever-exciting and spontaneous Ms. Barbara Goodin who, to this day, gets a special thought every once in a while.

The End

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