Mr. Somebody

Mr. Somebody awakens at 2:00 A.M. to learn the identity of his new master...

A bright, pulsating star of light pierced the screaming blackness of the night. Silvery-gold threads wrapped themselves into intricate patterns, weaving through the chill air, firmly gluing themselves to the sky.

Light breezes brushed past a jumble of tawny elm trees, awakening the sawdust fairies. Yawning, they rose from their mossy hutches and and the faithful beating of their wings transported them to the nearest threads, where they sat in awed silence, just gazing at the light.

And far away in a rickety old shack, a man heard the shrill beating of his alarm clock.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," groaned Mr. Somebody, pulling on an old pair of khaki shorts. Bleary-eyed, and with his hair in great disarray, he stepped outside.

Someone called him.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

He ran forward, dancing over the dew-tipped blades of grass to prove it.

"Whoever you are."

Exhausted, he at last sank down into the moist grass, breathing quickly, in sharp little gasps. His slender figure  somehow had not made him into an athlete. Mr. Somebody tried his best to remember why he had ever set that old alarm clock for such a ridiculous time. 2:00 A.M., it had said, in bold red lettering. 2:00 A.M., for God's sake!

And as he was absorbed in these meditations, the great star of light descended before him, sinking delicately into the soft grass.

The slender fellow, wearing nothing but the khaki shorts, blinked twice. Having forgotten his precious spectacles back inside, he was utterly blind as a bat. The blur, there, in front of him; what in the world was it?

"Mr. Somebody."

"I'm coming."

"That's right."

A voice of approval spoke through the smothering blackness.

"You have come to meet your new master."

"New master?"



A soft chuckle.

"You'll see soon enough. Look, he's got your glasses for you!

Something pinched Mr. Somebody's back.

Very hard.


The End

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