I looked back up from my email at Patrick.  He was sitting quietly observing the people around him.  I thought I should let him be and looked out the window at the passing countryside.  This was going to be a very quiet journey I could tell.

I couldn't help but start to study Patrick sitting next to me, he couldn't be that much older than me and the first impressions I had got of him when he bumped into me at the station hadn't changed.

'So do you live in New York?'  I thought I should try to make conversation.

'Umm no I'm studying at Uni there.'  Wow, impressive.

'Really, I think that's so brave to be studying overseas, what is it you're studying?'

'Law.'  OK and I thought he was going to be interesting.

'Oh, that's nice.'

'Not really, I hate it.'  OK maybe he is interesting.

'Why are you studying it then?'

'My dad is a lawyer, I'm the heir to his firm when he retires so I have to study law.'  Poor guy.  'What about you?  Are you at Uni?'  I was flattered he thought I looked old enough to be at Uni, most people still thought I was about 15!

'Yeah I am, but I'm a bit closer to home.  I'm studying English Literature at Reading.'  He sighed.

'I'm so jealous!  If I'd had a choice I would have studied English Lit.'

'Really?'  He didn't strike me as the English type.

'Yeah, I've always loved books, the way they can draw you into another world simply by using words.  It's amazing.'  I decided I liked this guy.  Now he had gotten over his shyness he was actually quite nice to talk to and he liked books!  Perfect.

The End

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