Chapter 1

In most of the autobiographies and memoirs that I've read, the author sets the stage for the main climax of the story. The beginning of his story will be days, weeks even, before the "main event" happens.

But I'm not like most authors.

I was kidnapped on November 23 of my sophomore year. It was one of those things that no one saw coming. But then, how could anyone have seen it coming?

I attended Marshall Alvarez High School in Sebastopol. It had been an almost excruciatingly long day at school; my older brother was home from college, and all I wanted to do was be home to hang out with him. Andrew and I were really close, and since he'd moved to southern California to attend UC Santa Barbara, I rarely saw him.

The final bell rang, and I remember walking as fast as I could without getting yelled at by the teachers monitoring the halls to my locker, and then out the large glass front doors.

MAHS was next to a huge, pretty important bank. And it just so happened that as I stood on the sidewalk in between the bank and the I school, I found myself watching the bank being robbed.

At first I didn't really realize what I was seeing. I was too busy checking my phone to see how many minutes had passed, how many seconds I was wasting here when I could've been talking to Andrew. I had really missed him...

I could hear sirens in the distance, slowly but steadily growing louder with each passing second. I listened as suddenly behind me, three gunshots sounded. I whirled around, for the first time aware that a tragedy was unfolding behind me.

A wave of shock and fear shot up my spine as I found myself face-to-face with three men, all wearing Levis, black sweatshirts, and Grinch masks. The tallest had his hand around my mouth before I could let out a scream.

It honestly felt as if time froze as I waited for my fate to be decided by the men. I thought they were just going to push my aside, at first.

the sirens were so close now. At any moment they'd reach the bank. Time was passing so excruciatingly yet beautifully slow. The men seemed stunned, as if things had not gone according to plan at all.

"what are we supposed to do now?" one muttered, looking around frantically.

a navy blue Town and Country van pulled up to the curb and the side door slid open.

"take her with."

Those three words changed my life forever.

i understood what it meant to be truly frozen by fear. The biggest of the three lifted me up and literally tossed me into the van along with their duffel bags overflowing with money.

It all happened in under a minute. and it was as simple as that: i was kidnapped.


The End

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