The Wake

Mr. Murry gave Mrs. Murry a sideways glance before entering the building. It was just one of those places with old carpets, and the sent of flowers floating around the building. 

"Remember what we talked about." Mrs. Murry warned. Mr. Murry just nodded, and they entered. 

First, Mr. Murry saw some old friends of his. So he went to saw hello. But soon, he got tired of talking. So Mr. Murry went to look at all the fresh flowers. But soon, the scent of food filled his nose. It was all he could think about. So he followed the smell until he saw a pile of cookies, bars, and other goodies.

"Yes!" said Mr. Murry under his breath. And he took a napkin and started picking out his favorite treats. 

Later during the Wake, Mrs. Murry found Mr. Murry again. "Have you seen her?" Mrs. Murry asked. 

"Who?" Mr. Murry questioned, his mouth full of food. 

Mrs. Murry's eyes narrowed, "Aunt Elizabeth of course!" she hissed, "Go pray to her!" 

"Pray? I don't pray, I don't have a religion."

"Than just go talk to her, for all I care! And before you do that, say 'in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirt, Amen' while doing the sign of the cross, and then do it again when your done." 

So Mr. Murry, leaving his precious food behind, went to go look for the casket Aunt Elizabeth would be laying in.

Aunt Elizabeth sat in the casket, and unlike Mr. Murry remembered her, she was not smiling, and her eyes didn't following him as he walked. In fact, it looked like she was just sleeping. It looked like she could wake up at any second and scare the heck out of him.

He sat down and starting praying.

The End

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