Getting ready

"Could you tie this..." Mr. Murry asked, handing Mrs. Murry a bow-tie. Mrs. Murry nodded, and started tying. She spook while she tied. 

"Now, repeat after me." Mrs. Murry said, "You will not look happy at any part of the wake, will you?" 

"I will certainly not! I will look very sad, instead." 

"And are you going to talk about your writing?" Mrs. Murry asked. 

" I? I'm not sure...?!?" 

"NO! Because if you start talking about your writing, you will start talking about the story you've been waiting to write about for after Aunt Elizabeth died. And people might think you did something to her." 

"Then I guess not." Mr. Murry said, and Mrs. Murry finished tying the bow. They hurried for the door. 

The End

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