The corner drug store

                   One morning, Mr. Murry wook up from a drousy deep sleep. He had a wonderful dream, so wonderful, he couldn't bare to loose it. So, Mr. Murry sat up in bed and looked at Mrs. Murry, who looked much to peaceful to wake. So Mr. Murry quickly darted to his dresser and wrote Mrs. Murry a note. He told her he'd be back soon.

                Once Mr. Murry was fully dressed, he walked downstairs and outside. He didn't need to get his bike out because where he was going was very close to his home. So Mr. Murry walked down his street (in which had so many memories planeted on the cement) and took a couple lefts and rights until he came the the corner drug store.

              The man who owned the drug store knew at once who was entering. "Hello Mr. Murry!" the owner said in a cheery voice, "We've just got a stack of new notebooks this morning! only .50 cents! How many would you like?"

               Mr. Murry opened his wallet and counted his money, "I'll have 20 for 10 dollars." Mr. Murry showed the owner a 10 dollar bill.

                The owners eyes lit up. "Why yes, of course!" He rushed to his desk and pulled out 20 notebooks and set them on the counter, Mr. Murry handed him the 10 dollars and the owner took it gratefully. After that was done, Mr. Murry thanked the owner for the friendly service.

                 "John Murry!" Yelled someone from across the street, Mr. Murry looked at the person who had just bellowed at him, and saw Mrs. Murry. She did not look happy.


The End

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