The fruit and the tree

             "I cannot get my babies published," said Mr. Murry to Mrs. Murry, "Because these little things are something I could never expose to anyone else. These are like my children, except in book form, and they haven't told me that they want to be famous. But when the time comes," Mr. Murry said, "then I shall." 

            Mrs. Murry shook her head, "But think of it, dear. Think of all the fame and fortune we could make with just one book. We'd be richer than that Harry Potter fellow, I'd think." 

              "Fame and fortune have never concerned me." Mr. Murry sighed, "Besides, there's more to life than being famous, think of trees, different trees grow different fruit, and the fruit doesn't grow until its ready. Well, I'm the different tree, and this is the different fruit. This fruit," Mr. Murry tapped the notebook with his muscular hand, "Is not ready to grow. But it will.  I promise." 

             Mrs. Murry would shake her head then, "Alright. But you don't know what your missing." 

The End

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