Mr. Murry

Mr. Murry is a person who likes to write, it is his passion. But when a problem occurs, Mr. Murry finds himself inside his book. Soon, he must get through writers block and end the story

                Mr. Murry may be an odd man of many sorts. For one, this man enjoys writing, in fact, Mr. Murry is very passionate about his writing. Now, older men do enjoy writing, I know that. But Mr. Murry's stories are like no other. They are just simply amazing. But unlike any other old men that write simply amazing stories and know it, Mr. Murry does not intend to get his stories published. Mrs. Murry, Mr. Murry's wife, told him many times to get his books published (and may I add, Mr. Murry has written quiet a few books) but Mr. Mussy insisted on keeping them the way they are. 






The End

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