Mr Mollig

Mr Mollig was sitting on the corner.  On the corner?  On the corner of the floor.  Well, floors don't have corners, but Mr Mollig was sat there anyway.  "Why am I sat on the floor?" he wondered.  He stood up slowly, and ambled around for a few moments, taking in his surroundings.  He couldn't really see much, except the edges of his corner, so he took a deep breath, and leapt off the edge of the corner. 
Mr Mollig fell for what felt like days, but then he floated down and landed on something soft.  He looked around and realised that he was in a field, full of flowers and trees. 
Mr Mollig heard a whisper... He looked around but couldn't see anyone. 
But then he heard a whisper again.... "Who's that?" he cried out, trying not to let his nervousness show.  But he felt rather scared.

"Little bears, out to play where they shouldn't be".

"Silly little bears".

"Who knows what will happen?"

By this time, Mr Mollig was shaking with fear.  Suddenly, he heard a noise, and felt something coming up behind him.  he turned around slowly, and saw something that he never expected to see in his whole life...

The End

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