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Returning to Hogwarts felt a bit disconcerting. Here, I would not be able to keep an eye on Sid all day long. I would have to trust her peers, and her other professors to keep an eye on her. Of course, all the Hogwarts staff were on high alert about her situation. Extra precautions were being taken around the school and around Hogsmeade; hence the reason she and I had had to apparate to the outskirts of the village. Nothing could bring my spirits down, however. I knew how difficult it would be to keep my distance from her in public. There was no doubt in my mind that every minute of treating her like a regular student would be worth the time alone we would spend together.

Sid was of age, so it was not illegal. She had turned seventeen a short while ago, which made the situation that much easier. What could I even label this situation as? A student-teacher love affair? I preferred not to sound like a pedophile if at all possible.

What was I getting myself into? When I was not near Sid, she was all I could think about. What I was near her, it became impossible to act toward her the way any normal teacher would act toward his student. McGonnogal could not find out about this, and neither could Pansy. Although, judging by the last time I saw her, I doubted Pansy would be a problem.

"Draco?" Sid whispered from where she had been walking beside me, a safe distance away. She was not close enough for my taste, but I knew this was how it had to be.

"I'm sorry, Sid. It's Professor Malfoy, again," I apologized, looking toward the Three Broomsticks. Students and faculty alike were milling around its entrance. I checked my watch; it was mid-afternoon. I had not been aware that another Hogsmeade visit would be occurring. Sid and I were bound to look sketchy. I pulled her into a side alley.

"Mr. Malfoy," she said, breathless.

I could not help but smirk as I braced our bodies against the brick building behind her. "I need you to change your appearance," I whispered in her ear. "Look older, much older. Perhaps I can pass you off as a friend of McGonnogal's whom I am taking to see the Headmaster."

Sid rolled her eyes. "How arousing," she snorted, no longer out of breath. Smooth, Drake.

I tucked one finger beneath her chin before pressing my lips to hers for a brief moment. "I try."

"How am I supposed to appear as an old woman when you have me all hot and bothered?" she demanded. I bit my lip.

"Don't tell me that," I instructed.

Sid closed her eyes for a moment and focused. I watched as her hair turned gray, she shrunk a few inches in height, her skin withered, and when she opened her eyes, they were gray and glossy.

"Cute," I laughed.

"Shut up."

"Come on, we have to go see Professor McGonnogal. She'll be worried."


"Good heavens, Draco! Where have you been? Who is your friend? Where is Sid? Has he taken her?" McGonnogal interrogated me the second I walked through her office.

"It's lovely to see you as well, Minerva," I smiled, trying my best to appear charming.

"This is no time for games, Draco! If he has the girl, we must go after her immediately. This is wretched news. Who knows what horrible things he's done to -"

I cleared my throat, realizing that I should have clarified sooner by the look on Sid's new (or old) face.

"We discovered that Sid is a metamorphmagus," I explained before gesturing toward the elderly-looking woman next to me.

The headmaster put a hand over her heart, frazzled. I placed my hand on Sid's shoulder for a brief second. "Show her."

She closed her eyes, and within seconds, she looked like the beautiful red-head I was coming to know and adore. I could not help myself from smiling at the scene.

"Very well . . . You may go, Miss Greyson. I need to speak with your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor in private," said Minerva.

Sid nodded and scurried out, avoiding my eyes. I knew she did not want to attract any attention. It took all of my remaining willpower not to run after her.

As the door clicked, anxiety washed over me and I could not look McGonnogal in the eyes. I knew this was not going to be a pleasant conversation. She had been able to tell I was lying since my first day at Hogwarts.

"Professor, look me in the eyes, and explain to me where you have been since Miss Greyson's funeral. I know for the fact that there was a fire at the house days ago. Nobody has heard from either of you. We thought you had perished in the fire, but there were no records found of either of your bodies!" she was growing hysterical.

"Professor, maybe we ought to sit down. I sent an owl to you the moment I returned to my manor, and I believe Sid sent one to her friend, Mr. Tyson," I said, taking a seat across from her desk. She sat down in her own chair.

"I never received a letter, Draco. I had also spoken to Mr. Tyson just this morning because I recalled seeing he and Miss Greyson together. He said he hadn't heard anything either. Are they an item?" she asked

My fist clenched without my permission. "I wouldn't know. Do you think the owls were intercepted?"

McGonnogal pressed the tips of her fingers together. "That is certainly a possibility. Did you have any intruders? Did Sid say where you were saying in her letter?"

I slapped a hand to my forehead. "I read her letter to make sure she didn't have any personal information. However, I completely forgot to do the same in my letter to you. Bloody hell, I'm a bloke. We did have an intruder. It was him. He killed her parents, and now he's after Sid, too. I don't know how he knew where I lived though. All I said in the letter was my house."

My superior rolled her eyes. "Draco, you signed your name at the bottom of the letter, am I correct?"

"Yes ma'am," I answered.

"You are Draco Malfoy. It is common knowledge to anyone who knows of your existence that you would live in the Malfoy Manor. The Dark Lord used your home as his base during the War. Perhaps you should try the Fidelius Charm?" she suggested.

I rubbed my face with my hands. I had been a complete idiot. Sid's life has been in constant danger because I was such a bloke. I had almost gotten her killed.

"I'll go there as soon as I get a chance, but I have a lot of work to catch up on due to my recent absence. Thank goodness for the holiday. I'm so sorry, Headmaster," I apologized.

Looking up into her face, I saw the faintest hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth. "I know you have the best intentions. I only hope the poor girl isn't scarred by all the time she had to spend with her Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. How is she?"

I swallowed. "She's coping well, based on the circumstances."

"Good. I shall request a meeting with her later this week. In the meantime, I would suggest you catch up on some sleep. Miss Greyson is safe for now," she said. I feared there was a knowing tone in her voice, but I ignored it and left her office.

I shoved my hands deep into the pockets of my robes and began walking down the hall, unsure if I should head to my own office or set off in search of Sid. My questions was answered almost immediately as I spotted a couple kissing near the entrance to the Great Hall.

Feeling uncomfortable, I was about to turn around and head the other way when I recognized a familiar head of red hair. A sadistic rage ripped through my entire body as I made my way over to the pair. Just as I reached for the boy, Sid pushed him away from her, keeping her eyes shut. She spoke two words. "Rafe, no."

That was all I needed to hear before my hand was gripping the scruff of his robes so tightly that my fingers began to ache. "Mr. Tyson, I think you should return to your common room. Immediately."

Sid opened here eyes, looking afraid and ashamed.

Her friend, Rafe appeared not to have heard me. "And where have you been, Professor?"

"Mr. Tyson," I repeated. "It is after hours. You should not be wandering the castle. Go before you earn yourself another detention."

I almost cringed at the sound of my own voice. Cold, detached. I had not heard that voice in a long time.

"And what about Sid?" he asked indignantly. I hated myself for resenting the boy's handsome face that had just been pressed up against Sid's.

"She had a meeting with Professor McGonnogal. I have just spoken with the Headmaster, but please feel free to go and address her yourself if you think Miss Greyson deserves a punishment?"

"Of course not," he snorted, as if the comment I had been ridiculous. Perhaps it was. "Are you coming, Sid?"

She looked up at me, uncertain.

"I have to speak with Professor about my meeting with McGonnogal. I'll be up soon, okay?" she said.

He grunted and headed off in the opposite direction. I began to head up the nearest staircase, quiet footsteps in my wake as she followed me. Only once I had reached the safety of my office did I stop and speak.

"Mr. Malfoy, that wasn't -" she began, but I cut her off.

"There is no need for you to explain yourself to me, Sid. I am your professor, and the only thing I have to say is that public displays of affection are not tolerated at Hogwarts, and it would be advised to keep your private affairs, private." I suggested, sounding like an utter prick.

"Draco . . ."she whispered. I looked at her face. Her eyes were shining.

"He's better for you," I explained in a quiet voice.

"You don't know anything," she said, and I was surprised at the anger in her voice. Sid was standing up now. She walked around my desk and sat on my lap, straddling my legs.

"I don't care who's good for me. I want you," she said, not once breaking eye contact.

I was silent for a moment before I noticed her look down at my crotch and then back into my face. Her own cheeks were scarlet. She had noticed.

"Erm - I'm sorry about him," I said, looking down at my lap, quite embarrassed now.

She threw her head back and laughed, and I was content to sit here like this forever. Sid curled one hand in my hair at the nape of my neck, and the other she ran down my chest.

Her face drew closer to mine, and I could not hold back any longer. I captured her lips with my own and grabbed her hips, grinding her pelvis down onto mine. She bit my lip softly.

Any doubts I had about that other boy (what was his name again?) vanished into thin air as things heated up. Then, she pulled away and I almost threw a tantrum.

She stood up with another sheepish look down at my crotch. "Sorry, Draco. I'll see you in class, okay?"

Then, Sid walked out, leaving me breathless and with a very tall problem in my pants.


The End

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