7: New TeacherMature

"Did you get a detention?' Rafe asked me through a mouthful of food when I took my seat across from him in the Great Hall. It was lunchtime; finally.
I opened my mouth to say 'No, he just wanted to talk to me about something," when I realized that probably wouldn't sound good. So instead, I just nodded my head and tried to look upset.
"That's rubbish," Rafe muttered.
Just as I was about to chime in, this high-pitch snotty voice joined our conversation. "I don't think it was unreasonable. I mean, bloody hell, new kids aren't supposed to just go around pulling popular guy's chairs out from under them."
Kassidy Blane. The school-renowned she-prat. I shot her a look that told her she needed to shut her mouth right now.
Rafe rolled his eyes. "Bloke was asking for it, Kassidy."
She shrugged. "A guy like him asks for it a lot."
Mitchie, Rafe, and I snickered at the sexual innuendo, but Miss Blane apparently did not catch on, because she was still talking.
"That doesn't mean you mess with him," she went on.
I gave her my best politely expression. "Well I didn't mean to put your boyfriend on his arse. I should have known that it was probably still sore after all the fun you and him probably had last night."
Rafe spit his pumpkin juice out all over Mitchie, but she was too busy slapping her hands against her knees in laughter to notice.
Kassidy stood up and pointed a shaking finger at me all melodramatically, and I had to cover my mouth with one of my hands to keep from grinning at her stupidity.
"You'll pay for that one, Grayce. Just wait and see. You'll pay," then she strutted off as if she was some notorious villianess in a horribly cheesy film. Most of the Slytherin table burst into cheers as she exited the Great Hall, much to my embarrassment.
At the end of our table, Kassidy's three little cronies stood up and ran after her, unstable in their wobbly heels. Weren't those against school uniform policy? I guess if your daddy payed the school enough, anything was possible.
Mitchie finally stopped laughing long enough to be grossed out by Rafe's spitting all over her. As she was drying her face and hair with napkins, she turned to look at me.
"You really probably shouldn't have done that, Sid. As much of an idiot as she is, Kassidy actually holds a lot of power in this school. I'd watch your back from now on, if I were you," she warned.
I nodded my head. "Thanks for the heads up. I should keep that in mind."
Tears were streaming down Rafe's face from laughing so hard. "I could kiss you right now, Sid! That was bloody brilliant."
Mitchie snorted. "Please, Rafe. We are eating. Don't make the poor girl lose her appetite."
I shoved a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes into my mouth to save myself from answering. It's not that I didn't want to kiss Rafe. However, we'd only known each other a day.
Lunch was over soon after that, and we all stood up to head off to our next class. Ah, finally a free period! It was only the first day, so I had very little homework. That meant, I had time to finish what I had now, and then have time to do whatever.
Rafe and I walked up to the common room, where I took a cozy seat by the fireplace and he sat on the floor, leaning against the leg of my chair.
It took about twenty minutes to finish the small amount of work assigned by the professors. I was loving Hogwarts so far. I noticed Rafe biting the end of his quill, and had what appeared to be his thinking face on.
"Hey, I'm gonna go take a walk or something. Come find me if you finish before our free period's over, okay?" I told him. He just mumbled something, distractedly. I laughed and walked out of the common room into the dungeons. Truth be told, it did kind of freak me out being down here alone, so I quickly scurried up to the main floors.
I didn't really have anything to do in mind. I also didn't want to look foolish, wandering around on my own for too long.
An idea popped into my head that I was forever grateful to my brain for. I told Rafe that I had a detention with Mr. Malfoy. I guess I should probably go tell him that we have to fake a punishment now. Oddly enough, I didn't mind this at all.
It took me a little while to find the DADA room, because I'd only been there for the first time today, and I'd been following a hoard of other Slytherins. Now, I was just nervous that he might have a class in there or something, and I would look like an idiot if I were to interrupt to tell him that I now had an unscheduled detention by my own request.
When I approached the door, I was overwhelmingly relieved not to hear any noise coming out of it. This meant that there was probably not a class in there. I peaked my head around the corner timidly anyways, just to make sure before stepping in.
I looked around, expecting to see Mr. Malfoy sitting at his desk. This was not the case, however. He was nowhere to be seen or found.
Maybe he was in his office, I figured. I decided to try the door that he'd some through this morning. That seemed like a likely place for his office. I knocked on it.
There was no answer, unfortunately. I frowned, but tried the handle anyways. To my surprise, it swung open, revealing an orderly office, devoid of sexy blond professor. Damn.
Orderly as it was, there wasn't much of anything personal hanging around the office. It was decorated in silver and green to promote his house, of course. There was a classic old firebolt in the corner. A few pictures of his parents on the walls. A closed book on his desk. I picked it up after looking around to make sure he wasn't hiding somewhere. The only thing written on the outside of its black binding were the words [b]My Tale.[/i] I was tempted to open it up and see what it was, but I knew that would be an invasion or privacy.
Even though I was snooping around his office, I wasn't about to go that immoral. I placed it back in the exact position I had found it just as I heard the door open behind me. I spun around to see Mr. Malfoy standing there, half shocked, half amused.
I blushed and folded my hands behind my back nervously. "Oh. H-hello . . . Mr. Malfoy," I stuttered out.
He crossed his arms with a smirk and leaned against the wall. I fought the urge to ravish him. I mean . . . shit. This was a bad idea, Sid.
"Can I help you with something, Sid?" he asked in that smooth, deep voice of his. I nearly melted.
I took a second to slow my breathing rate. "Erm, you can actually. See, my friend Rafe -"
"The one you were with last night?" he asked with a look on his face that I couldn't distinguish.
I nodded my head. "Yeah, him. When I got back from . . . talking to you after class earlier today, he asked if I got a detention. And, er, well I didn't really know what to tell him, so I just said -"
"Yes," he finished for me.
"Will you quit interrupting me?" I snapped before I could take it back. I quickly put a hand over my mouth in horror.
"Oh my god. Mr. Malfoy, I'm so sorry. It just . . . I mean, it slipped out. I didn't meant to say that." I trailed off at the end.
He didn't say anything for a few moment. Finally, he asked "Finished?"
I nodded my head.
"Good. I didn't want to cut you off again. You're right. I was rude to do that, and I apologize," he said sincerely.
I shook my head. "D-don't worry about it."
He smiled curtly. "It was a good idea to tell your friend about the detention. I suppose it wouldn't have looked so good if you told him I just sought a chat. People might get the wrong idea. How about if you see me after dinner Friday evening?"
I gulped. This was an awful idea. I would be with him alone, at night, for at least an hour, in an enclosed space. How was I ever supposed to control myself? I was an idiot.
I just nodded my head. "Okay," I croaked out. "I'll just let myself out. Sorry for bothering you."
I was rushing out the door when he called my name and I couldn't resist the urge to look back.
"We're friends, remember?" he looked unhappy about something, but not me. It was more of a self-regret kind of thing as he spoke. "You won't ever bother by coming to visit. It was a pleasant surprise."
I nodded my head with a shy smile. "See you in class tomorrow, Mr. Malfoy." Then, I walked out of there feeling like an idiot. I couldn't help it. I'd never been on friendly terms with a professor before. And I was scared.
Maybe I was overreacting. There was the possibility that he just thought I was some nice little girl. Nothing was probably ever going to happen, so why should I worry? I was getting my hopes up too high. There was no way in bloody hell that a god like him would ever see a shy little student like me as anything more than just that; his pupil.
I sighed. Rafe was sounding better and better every minute.

The End

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