3: FriendsMature

I made my way to the Slytherin table with my head down. I didn't pay any attention to who I sat between. All I knew was that it was an empty seat. Headmistress McGonnogal said a few words that I didn't pay attention to because I was too busy trying to think of other things that would make my blush go away. I wasn't at all embarrassed to be put into Slytherin or anything. I was just so mortified from being put on the spot like that.
I looked up to the staff table and saw Professor Malfoy Draco looking at me. I smiled and he gave me a thumbs up. No, being in his house was definitely okay with me. However, I felt the blush return to my face as I looked at the food that had so suddenly appeared in front of me.
On either side of me, there was a boy and a girl. The girl was turned the other way, chatting away with some annoyingly giggly girls. The boy, I noticed as I looked his way, was looking right back at me.
"Hi, I'm Rafe," he introduced.
I smiled at him. And how could I not. He had short brown hair, pretty blue eyes, a natural tan, and a little bit of a stubble which actually worked on him.
"I guess you know who I am," I said, referring to my embarrassing introduction.
"Don't sound so embarrassed," he laughed. "I'm sure everybody's forgot about it by now anyways."
I turned around, only to see nearly every single pair of eyes in the room on me. I faced Rafe again. "Yeah, good call."
He shrugged. "It is actually refreshing though, to meet a girl who doesn't crave attention all the time."
I blushed, and looked back down at my plate, before scooping a little bit of everything from the platters onto it. Then, I looked up. Another friendly face stared back at me.
She was sitting there grinning at me, with her chin on her hand. "Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?" she cooed, looking at Rafe.
Of course. Go figure a guy like Rafe already had a girlfriend. Then again, I still had my eye on somebody else. Wait, I wasn't allowed to think that way. He was a teacher!
"I didn't want to scare the poor girl, Mitchie," he teased. "Sid, right?" he looked at me.
I nodded my head in confirmation. "This is my oh-so wonderful sister, Mitchelyn - Mitchie for short," Rafe announced.
Mitchie reached over and shook my hand from where it had been about to grab my fork. "Are you two twins?" I asked.
"Pft, he wishes," she snorted. "No, I'm only a fifth year sadly."
"Really, you look so much older," I commented.
"Something has to make up for her immaturity," Rafe grumbled. I laughed out loud at that one, and this time I could literally feel the stares of everyone in the Great Hall on my back. Instead of confronting anyone, I just started shoving food in my mouth.
Mitchie was rambling on to me about all the people I should stay away from and which classes were the most fun, and all the good Hogwarts gossip. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard Draco's name come up.
"Professor Malfoy's class is always really fun, but Rafe doesn't enjoy it, because Kassidy always ruins it for him, idn't that right, Rafe?" Mitchie asked her brother, being purposefully annoying when she addressed him.
"What did you say?" I asked. I was hoping she would tell me more about Mr. Malfoy's class. I laughed at what I called him. Draco didn't' actually feel right - too casual for a teacher. And Professor Malfoy was too formal. I liked Mr. Malfoy though. Ahem, the name, not the . . . wizard.
"Oh, Kassidy Blane," Mitchie whispered, pointing to the girl on my other side who was still busily chatting away with the same giddy girls. "Total brat, and apparently she divides her time in DADA class between flirting with the teacher and flirting with my brother."
I made an unpleasant face that she misinterpreted. "Oh god, I know! Why would anyone ever try and flirt with Rafe? Total loser, in my opinion."
I laughed, but didn't say anything. Rafe shot me a fake-dirty look, and I just continued eating.
"Hungry much?" Rafe asked, looking down at my nearly devoured plate. I swallowed the enormous amount of food in my mouth, a blush rising to my cheeks, completely mortified.
"Uh, well you know, I-I," I began, wanting to slap myself for stuttering.
"Relax, Sid; he's only joking," Mitchie scoffed. "He just didn't want to say how impressed he is. Apparently guys think its a total turn on when girls can eat a lot and still look like you do."
That only made me blush more, but I couldn't help but laugh again. In my peripheral vision, I could see Rafe's embarrassed face, and then I felt him attempt to kick his sister, but he missed.
"Ow!" I yelped, reaching down to clutch my shin, contorting my face in pain.
"Oh God, I'm sorry - I was trying to kick Mitchie. I swear!" he apologized.
Then I started laughing. "Haha, I was just - ahaha - kidding! You should have - HA - seen your face," I said.
He frowned, embarrassed again. Of course, that made me feel bad. Then Professor McGonnogal stood up and dismissed us.
"Hey, Rafe?" I asked uncertainly.
He grumbled something incomprehensible. I assumed he was asking me what I wanted.
"You could show me to my dorm?" I suggested.
His face lit up. "Okay! The Slytherin common room is in the dungeons, and its actually really cool down there, even if it sounds a little creepy."
I smiled at him. "Cool."
As I was following him out of the Great Hall, being jostled by the horde of other students rushing out as well, I turned around to look at the staff table. There, I saw Mr. Malfoy, the only one left sitting up there. And he was just staring . . . at me.

The End

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