Bianca hummed as she moved around her room, cradling her white Persian cat in her arms.

“Oh, Beatrice, I’m so excited to meet lots of new friends!” she said as she placed the fluffy cat on her bed “This is a good way to improve my social skills as well.  This is so amazing!”

She hummed merrily whilst getting the invitation and reading it.

“Dear Miss Bianca Bury,” she recited “You have been invited to Mr Epsilon-Zeta’s Grand Annual Ball this Sunday.  There will be a limo outside your house at nine o’clock sharp.  This is a formal occasion and all women must wear dresses while all men wear dress suits.  Best wishes, Mr Epsilon-Zeta.  Oh, can you believe it, Beatrice?”

Beatrice mewed as Bianca jumped to her feet and took a white feather boa.

“White is my colour, don’t you think?” she said as she placed the accessory over her shoulders and looked in her mirror “Oh, I still can’t believe I’ve been invited to this!”

The End

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