Twenty-six people go missing every year by going to this annual ball.

Alessia came out of the shower, her hair loose, wet and tangled.  Her eyes landed on the dress that she was to wear at Mr Epsilon-Zeta’s Grand Annual Ball.  Only twenty-six people were invited to this mysterious annual event and there’s a lot of suspicion around it.  The twenty-six people would disappear, as if they had never been born.  There have been many reports from distressed citizens about their children or their siblings or their friends just suddenly disappear.  Alessia had a few of those reports, looked up the person in question and would find no information about them.  Pictures would be given to them.  They would look through the security database for a match.  Nothing.  It was as if they never existed.  Alessia then cast her eyes towards her invitation.  She immediately reported to her block about it.  They thought it would be a good opportunity to send her in and solve this mystery if this party was part of the disappearances.  Sighing, she sat by her vanity, running a comb through her wet hair.

The End

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