Mr. Chang

The atmosphere was thick, that is the right adjective I believe.  There was good food on the table a fragrant, beautiful, full bodied wine, caressed the insides of the lead crystal glasses. 

Bone china trimmed in gold held a delectible Pheasant Under Glass.  Gold untensils sat next to the china.  The chafing dish was gold, It was a magnificent table. 

Family sat around the table, staring up at each other and smiling once in a while.  There was daughter Sarah, diminutive, a shrinking violet, she had tried to dye her black hair blonde and as with all of her adventures, this one had turned out bad.  There she sat with her long dusty gray hair.  She picked up her fork and twirled it between her fingers.

Son Dennis was the total opposite, robust, blonde, he had pierced every part of his body that was pierceable. He moved from side to side in his seat, the piercing was infected and when he moved his legs it hurt, making him cringe.

Wife Diane was beautiful, green eyed, red headed, slender, she was one of the beautiful people and, she did not want to be here.  She glanced over at her children and sighed.  The hands of the clock was ticking away the evening, her evening with John.. However her husband had asked for the family to be here this evening, it was the least she could do, plus, she needed some cash.

This was the family of Mr. Chang. 

Mr. Chang had come to America from China 20 years earlier.  He had made his fortune with his Dragons Den restaurant.  It had rated in the top three for the past five years aquiring a steady flow of regulars.  It was a stylish place, the walls had been decorated with red dragons, and the black Chinese writing proclaiming the name {Dragons' Den}, there was a fountain in the middle of the restaurant, two very large dragons spewed water from their mouths. 

Mr. Chang was 78 years young, about 5'3", maybe 145 pounds.  He had a head full of black hair, graying  at the edges.  Mr. Chang sported the almond eyes of his race, he still practiced the mannerisms of his culture he'd brought with him so many years ago.  He was patient, gentle, a gentleman and, Mr. Chang was also wise.  Mr. Chang recently found out that he is dying. 

Finally Mr. Chang made his appearance, the children stood and greeted their father.  He smiled at them and motioned them to sit.  He surveyed the table, ahhh set to his satisfaction.  He knew the food was right, he had prepared it himself.  Mr. Chang reached over and served the food to his children, he had made a special dish for Diane, she loved Fugu.. (pufferfish).

While they ate, Mr. Chang told them he had an announcement.. He explained his condition to his family, he watched their faces, his children looked sad, they put their forks down.  Diane stopped eating however, the look on her face was a little different, he saw the light go on.  He excused the children from the table telling them he wanted to speak to their mother alone.

After the children left Mr. Chang, turned to his wife and told her that he knew all about her affairs.  She looked at him. he waved his hands at her, shushing her.  He also told her about the children how they didn't favor either him or her.  He watched her swallow hard..  Mr. Chang pulled a paper from his pocket, showing the results of the DNA test.  She asked how long had he known.. Mr. Chang just smiled and told her to continue eating her Fugu..  He told her not to worry he had taken care of everything, the children would be set for life. 

Diane stared at Mr. Chang, he laughed..  He slid his chair over close to her, "Don't worry my dear, I have taken care of you also."  It was almost a whisper..

Diane smiled, she took another bite of the Fugu, she loved it,,,  it was... Choking her.. she couldn't breathe.. She looked over at Mr. Chang..  He reached over to her plate and took some for himself..  "We shall be together forever."

The End

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