Back to the Mp3 Players...

Everyone sat around Gwen.

Maybe an hour or so.

Tien looked teary-eyed. She probably felt like she killed her.


Gwen's eyes slowly opened.

Veronica could tell that Gwen's stomach really hurt, and helped her sit up to take the painkillers. After that, Gwen looked down at her stomach. "My..." she felt the stitches right above her bellybutton.

"You're alive," Tien beamed.

Veronica looked at the opposite wall. "Guys," she mumbled, "I hate giving bad news, but don't we still have a bunch of mind-controlled people that we have to save?"

"Save?" Julia cocked her head. "I thought we could just stay here until they all go away."

Veronica chuckled once. "What about when we run out of food? Sooner or later we're gonna have to go out there, so why don't we get it over with so we can get some proper patches on Gwen sooner?"

"She has a point," Tien groaned.

"Well then," Veronica helped Gwen up. "Let's go."

The End

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