"It'll take me a bit to find the bullet," Tien's voice was muffled as she spoke looking down at Gwen's stomach. "Meanwhile get me a needle and string. I saw a sewing kit in the living room."

Julia looked at Tien in disgust. As if Tien sensed it, she said, "Do-it-yourself stitches at home."

Veronica wiped her bloody palm on the floor. She kept Gwen's pulse and checked her for consciousness.

Julia brought back the sewing kit. "Okay, sicko. What color thread do you want?"

"Black," Tien answered in a serious tone. Her hands were almost halfway inside Gwen's stomach. She cursed.

"What's wrong?" Veronica felt more panicked than Gwen, and kind of wished she was unconscious right now too.

"The bullet. It went through her stomach wall. Thank God stomach acid didn't spill out. I hope I can fish it out though. I don't want to get burned. Julia. Flashlight?"

"Erm, there's only a keychain flashlight in here," Julia rummaged through the box.

"Good enough. Come over here and give me some light."

They all had no clue how long it took, but finally Tien removed the bullet. Tien placed it aside her and thought for a moment. "Sew her up," Veronica urged.

"I don't know how to patch up the stomach..." Tien was obviously unsure of what to do.

"Just sew that up too. We can fix it when we get a doctor," Julia tried to keep her eyes off the operation the whole time.

Tien took in a big breath. "Okay. Julia, thread me a needle please."

Julia did as she was told, and gave Tien the needle. As Tien sowed, she mumbled often about how unsanitary this was.

Gwen's eyes popped open and she screamed. Julia and Veronica tried to keep her from squirming or looking down at her stomach. To everyone's relief, Gwen fainted from the pain again.

Tien finished up stitching Gwen's skin closed, and put aside the bloody needle. Pulling her gloves off so they went inside out, she spoke like she hadn't slept for days. "I'll clean this up. Can you grab Gwen some painkillers, Veronica?"

"Yeah," Veronica got up. "But are you sure she's gonna wake up?"

The End

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