Near Death

"We tried calling doctors," Tien came back into the room with Julia. "All we got were busy tones."

Gwen, meanwhile, was dashing in and out of consciousness. Veronica's hand was covered in Gwen's blood. The bleeding had slowed down enough so it wasn't a hazard - but if they didn't get a doctor soon, she would probably die.

"Do you have a first aid kit?" Tien asked timidly.

Since it was Gwen's house, no one knew. But as if she knew she was called, Gwen mumbled, "Downstairs. Bathroom. Drawer," in between rough breaths.

Tien bolted to the downstairs bathroom and soon returned with a big blue metal box with a red plus on it. She knelt down by Gwen across from Veronica and opened it up. Pulling on a pair of rubber gloves, she explained. "I took med school for awhile until I realized it wasn't really my best job choice."

She dug through the bottles and gauzes in the box. "Don't these things have any anesthetic?!"

"Just get that bullet out of her and sew her up," Veronica commanded. "She'll barely feel it."

"I don't know. Her heart rate might get dangerously high," Tien paused and picked up a pair of tweezers.

"Look, either way she'll die. Just get it over with."

Tien sighed. "Okay. Veronica, keep her calm. Julia, hand me stuff when I need it," she bent over Gwen's stomach.

The End

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