Gwen entered the code onto the LCD screen of the metal safe. It popped open and she pulled out a gun. Tien, Julia, and Gwen headed back down to the basement.

The revolver shook in Gwen's hand. "Tell me again why I have to do this?"

"You're the one who brought it up," Tien said stubbornly.

They entered the room. Meanwhile, Veronica struggled against the super powered duct tape that kept her still next to the wall. "Guys, come on, you know me!"

"We don't know that for sure yet," Gwen closed in.

"Do you see an Mp3 player near me? I tell you, I'm not mind controlled anymore!"

"You might just be in disguse!"

"Just ask her the questions!" Julia snapped.

"Okay," Gwen focused on Veronica, the gun still trembling. "Name five people in your kindergarten class."

Veronica's face drained. "Um, I know Julia was... Come on, I bet she doesn't remember either, right Julia?"

Gwen raised the gun.

"Ask another one! Give her another chance!" Tien grabbed at Gwen's arm.

The gun accidentally fired. Veronica cringed, ready for death, but then she heard a ping. Gwen missed.

In a second, there was a bloody hole in Gwen's stomach. "Gwen!" Veronica built up strength and pushed around the tape restraint. But she knew the only way she could get out is if the one who taped her put her thumb on it.

"Tien!" Veronica's demanding eyes burned at her.

She shuffled over and Veronica crushed Tien's thumb against the tape. Freed from the tape, Veronica darted to Gwen. Julia held Gwen's head in her hands, repeating gibberish words. Veronica pressed her hand on the wound. "What in the world are you doing?" Gwen screeched.

"It helps," Veronica argued. "Go get a doctor that isn't controlled," she yelled to someone in the room.

"I think you're trying to kill me or something."

"Just shut up, doofus."

"Yeah, you're back alright," Gwen mumbled before fainting.

The End

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