The Clash

Gwen, Julia, and Tien shuffled catiously down the front pathway and onto the sidewalk. Tien heard heavy footsteps. "Act like your mind's controlled already," she mumbled to them.

"How?" Julia's eyes widened.

"I guess you've got to be all monotoned and stuff?"

"That makes no sense," Gwen furrowed her brow.

A crowd of people emerged from over a hill. Tiny legs racing, arms waving, a four-year-old was pulled in. The girls slipped into the crowd and tried to look as close to them as possible.


I looked over at the people to the left of me. They weren't here a few minutes ago, were they? And they didn't have headphones. But they looked strangely familiar...

"Veronica?" one spoke in disbelief.

The others turned their heads in my direction. "Oh my God," another's eyes widened.

The third girl pulled at my arm at a fork in the street. We put as much space between us and the crowd.

"Who are you people?" I tilted my head.

One pulled out a baseball cap. The two others nodded their heads solemnly.

The End

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