Mp3 Attack

Why is everyone on the subway listening to Mp3 players? Okay... Now why are they coming at me with headphones??

I put my token in the machine and step through the metal doors of the subway. Grabbing a newspaper from under my arm, I sit down on a red plastic seat.

I scan through the paper. Tragedy, tragedy, tragedy. That's all the newspapers seem to write about these days. Without reading the last page, I place it on the seat next to me.

Tapping my foot, I observe the people around me.

My foot stops. Eyes widening, I realize something strange going on.

Everyone's wearing headphones.

As if they knew my sudden realization just occured, all heads turn towards me. Like one big body, the whole crowd stands up at once and closes in on me. Ear bud headphones are shoved into my ears and electronic music fills my mind.

As I glance at the last page of my newspaper, It seems to say, "Stupid girl."

Because smack in the middle, in black letters of sure death, a headline reads:


Now I'm omnipresent, waiting for your urge to turn on your music.

The End

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