Children Of The Stars

I am wrong – I did tell you ‘when’. Last week. The only thing is, you might read this in the future, and it wouldn’t be last week any more. So, let me elaborate. I think it was midnight. These things always happen at midnight, don’t they? But that is tradition. We cannot break tradition, however hard we try. It bends and bends but just will not snap. So. Midnight. I should have been in bed. If I had been in bed, I would have been safe. I had to choose that night to go to a party, didn’t I?

            Enough with the rhetorical questions. You must be getting bored, reader. But trust me, you are not as bored as I am. I don’t think anybody could be as bored as I am. Here I am, living a half-life, watching the world go by … unable, of course, to take part in proceedings.

But back to my death. It was the third of April, in the year 2010. Even as I write I know that this will be ancient history by the time it is read. That’s how life is, isn’t it?

            I don’t have much time to tell this story. Well, that’s a lie. I have all eternity, until I am freed. But there are times of the day when I must stay silent. The witching hour has an end and that end is drawing near. I must finish.

            But first, I will tell you my story.

            I was born, as you may have calculated by now, in the year 1996. It was a perfectly ordinary birth, in an ordinary hospital on an ordinary, if not even boring, planet. I sometimes wish I was like my friends, who were born on other planets. People in the future will not believe that space travel was developed this early. Oh, but believe me, it was.

            It’s just that, well … The Government wanted to keep it a secret. That’s the long and short of it. They didn’t want anyone to know what they were discovering and so there we are, children of the stars and we can’t tell anyone.

            Only I wasn’t, because I was born on Earth.

            Still, I met my fair share of weirdoes. Aliens, some people call them, though I find this remark irrelevant. Don’t people take your home planet to be the place where you were born? Which would make many of my classmates and friends aliens.

            Fat chance. They were as human as you or I.

The End

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