Moving On

This story is About Bianca, A 14 year old Girl who is moving house soon but she is forgetting something.........?

3 most important things- Boys Boys and Boys! But being me i have no-one for the prom and it is in 4 Days .

"B, B, BIANCA , Come here now." yelled my Stepdad, Keith he thinks he can boss me around since Mum allowed him to move in.

"What Keith?"

"I have told you to call me Dad,"

"But you are not my Dad"

"Anyway, I want you to Drop of Andy at school." Now, I have two Brothers one is my real big Brother Tom and i have a stepbrother Andy who is my Mum and Keith's Child, My Dad lives in london in a studio flat i have been there once but it has great views.

So i have just dropped Andy at school and now i have to help out for prom but at least i have my best mate Becks there as well.

" We need to ask them out for the prom" we both knew who we were on about, we never said there names as school in case Alice and the girls heard. Alice and the girls were the "popular" ones as they would have the newest gadget's and showed them of and if they heard us say who we like they would ask them out before we would.

The End

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