I breathed deeply as I thought about what I was about to do. The fall was long, and if I messed up, well, I would hurt. I sighed again, then turned around, facing the back and dove off.

I arched my back, extended my hands, and closed my eyes. I spliced through the water, cutting through cleanly and making little splash. I curved my body and propelled myself upwards, towards the surface, towards air.

I gulped, letting the sweet oxygen enter my lungs, and calm my racing heart.

"I'd give it a 7," Seth said from the side. He brother held out his hand and I took it, he pulled me up out of the water to the water towel he had been sitting on seconds before.

"Stop being hard on her," Jack, my little brother, laughed form the side. "You did great sis, I'd say a 9." Seth shoved him lightly, knocked Jack over. I quickly pulled him up.

"I'm not a baby," Jack informed me, in all seriousness. He had cancer, and because of that I often did go out of my way to care for him.

"Eh," I shrugged, grinning. To me, he would always be my baby brother.

I pulled up my towel , and wrapped it around my wet swimsuit. I wrung my hair out, and grabbed a brush sitting on the rock beside our little encampment.

I looked around at the beautiful scenery as I stroked through my hair. Trees surrounded us, with a small path breaking their wall. A pool had formed below some rocks, being fed by a small river, large creek or something. Rocks were scattered, making good places to set stuff on, or, in regard to the tall ones, jump off of. The sun streamed down from above, making the scene like something out of a book or movie. I loved it.

I clipped up my black hair, which I had actually dyed the other day. The tips of my hair was now pink, as were the strands that framed my face. My hair was short, just under my chin.

I sat down next to Seth, who had toweled off, and was almost dry. He had a book in his hand, though he wasn't reading it.

"What'cha got there?" Jack asked two seconds before I could open my mouth, as always.

"I dunno, it's Madelyn's I think," he said. I was curious, for I didn't remember bringing a book.

"Em, it's not mine. I've never read this one," I told them.

"Oi, that's mine!" a voice said from behind the trees. A boy, about the age of Seth and I, came out. His features were hidden in the shadows, so I couldn't make out anything about him.

"What were you doing there?" I asked, really shocked that anyone else had discovered our spot.

"Same as you, I was here to swim. When I saw you I was going to leave but then you had my book so I had to come claim it," I frowned, as though taking his book had been an intrusion.

"Sorry," Seth said, his voice emotionless. By his face, I could tell that he didn't exactly hit it off with this boy, but he wasn't going to be rude.

"Jack," Jack said, holding out his hand. He was always friendly, that was just him.

The boy frowned, and ignored the hand, instead he reached for the book. Seth gave it off, so fast you'd think it had rabies. He started walking off, but then turned, "Joel," was all he said, and then carried off again.

Once he had gone, Seth stood up and started packing our stuff. I helped him, quietly putting away the remains of our lunch and card game. Once the blankets were packed away Jack stood as well.

"Should we go now?" He asked. He stretched out his legs and picked up a basket, and without any response, he went off. I laughed to myself and both Seth and I followed after him. The boy was forgotten and our carefree afternoon was commencing again.

"So, have you heard who you're getting this year?" Jack asked Seth and I. He was always curious about our school lives.

"We've not gotten any information yet, but I've not checked in a day or two," Seth answered for both of us .

"I just hope not to get Ms. Hauther, I heard from my friends last year that she was dreadful!" I exclaimed, I really didn't care for Mathematics, and mean teachers really didn't make it any better. Seth was about to open his mouth when Jack shushed him. That in it's self was strange, because Jack almost never interrupted, and the fact that he did it so rudely was very surprising.

"What is it?!" I asked startled.

"Shh!" He replied, putting his finger to his lips. I shut up and listened, apparently there was...

I gasped, I heard it. It was a cry somewhere ahead, a cry of struggle.

Seth sprinted up, and I was hot on his tails. Both of us took cross country and track, so we were pretty fast.

We arrived, and saw that strange boy struggling against five big men, who pretty much had the boy, Joel, into an unmarked white van. I wondered for a minute how cliché the unmarked van was, when I realized I was getting very sleepy, and that I had a slight pain in my neck. Before I collapsed to the ground, and saw a feathery-like thing sticking out of my neck, and I realized it was probably a tranquilizer. My eyes shut, and I thudded to the ground.


The End

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