Chapter 2Mature

"Alright," I big fat body came bursting through the door smelling like alcohol "I've had enough of this. Get up... Get up, Now!" He screamed, stumbling over to the bed Lucas was lying on "I've had enough of your moping Lucas." he pointed a dirty, chubby finger at his only son "What's with you? It's been three days and you haven't done anything.  Your only seventeen, there's plenty of other girls you can go and mess around with. What was so special about that little bitch anyway?" he said wiping his round nose and wiping it on the all ready filthy, what used to be, white tank top. 

"Don't talk about her like that." Lucas said through his teeth staring at the wall opposite him. That was how he stayed, not letting his eyes close just in case he saw her smiling face.  

"Why not, I always knew the little whore was no good for you." 

"Don't talk about her like that."

"Right, get up." 


"Get up Lucas." 


"Because I said so." 

"What, because I fat, disgusting drunk said I have to get up, I have to listen to him. Or should I say it?" 

"Get up. Now!" he dragged him up by his thick black hair, 

"Get off me!" 

"I told you to get up." he laughed. Lucas lashed out making him fall to the floor with a thump. He grabbed the nearest thing to him which was mug full of cold tea his mother brought up for him the night before.

"And I told you not to talk about her like that!" Lucas shouted throwing the mug at his father. Cold tea splattered all over him and the mug smashed over the bare wooden floor. 

Looking down into the mans watery hazel eyes, his chest heaving, he realised something, "God your pathetic piece of human nature." he spat. 

"Wake up fag!" a voice came from the distance laughing, there was a sudden rush of light as the comfort and the warm covers got dragged onto the floor. "Don't talk about her like that!" A muscular man, who's name was Adam, mimicked a woman's voice. 

Lucas wiped his eyes and the barracks dorm came into focus. With its familiar wooden wardrobes and shelves filled with kit, it had been home for the last six weeks. Around him another three men were waking up from there sleep and gingerly putting there kit on, ready for the mess hall.  

"Morning" a man yawned over Adams seemingly constants laughter, putting his combat jacket on over his short blonde hair. "Adam give it a bloody rest will ya?!" 

"Ooh someone's touchy this morning!" Adam grinned,

"Well sorry if I'm not a very joyful morning person." he sighed pulling on his boots,

"Apology accepted Peter." 

Adam was tall and had muscles. With his shaved dark brown hair, he was practically born with the army in his blood. He always boasted how his father and his father, and his father after that was in the forces.

To Lucas it was just a jerk babbling a load of Bullocks bigging himself up. He was one of the worst on the field. But nobody was here to make enemies. The army is where you will apparently meet 'mates for life' doing something worth while for your country.
‘Better then doing nothing I suppose' Lucas thought as he dragged himself out of the bed.  

The End

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