'Moving House'

Small extract from my new story.

I stamped my feet loudly ,so mum could hear and slammed my door hard. I grabbed Bootsy the bear and spoke to her gently. "Lets Run away" I told her "Lets hide away. Let mum move to the stupid city! We've got each other!" I stuffed Bootsy in my backpack along with a few pairs of knickers and some week old fudge bars. I'd just clean my jeans and top everyday and wear them all the time.

  I stacked a load of books on my chair and opened my window. It was raining outside, I stopped "Are we sure Bootsy?" I whispered under my breath. Yes! I thought Either go now and stay in our cottage or stay and live in the big smelly polluted city. I clutched my bag and Jumped...

The End

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