what will the guys say about the engagement

Alex was shocked about James asking her to marry him . "should we tell Selina and Luke or Becca and Thomas first" asked James "err.. Selina and Luke first and then Becca and Thomas i think " said Alex "ok" said James . So James and Alex went to look for Selina and Luke. Alex and James walked along the beach but they were not there and then they walked around by the pool and they found them Selina was in the pool swimming and Luke was at the bar getting a drink " COME HERE BOTH OF YOU" shouted Alex .""what is it " asked Selina " errr or you tell them James" said Alex softly . " what Alex whats me to say to you is i have asked her to marry me and she said yes so we are getting married" . Selina and Luke was shocked about them to getting married " when are you getting married" said Selina " tommorow" repled James "ok" said Luke " do you like my ring what James got me " said Alex " cool" said Selina " ok got to go" said Alex "see ya" said James " bye" said Luke . James and Alex went to see if they could find Becca and Thomas they walked along the beach and they found them Becca was paddling in the sea and Thomas was in the sea to. " COME HERE WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO BOTH OF YOU " shouted James " what is it " said Thomas " tell her James" said Alex " err .. well i have asked Alex to marry me and she yes she will " said James " cool" said Becca " when is the wedding on" asked Becca "  tomorrow" said James " are we invited " said Becca " yes and so is Selina and Luke" said Alex " got to go " said Alex and James " bye" said Thomas and Becca ......

The End

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