Will Rebecca have chance with thomas

Selina and Luke went to bed and Alex and James went to bed aswell.  Leaving Rebbeca and Thomas all alone in the moon light. "Hey chick whats up" said Thomas.  "Nothing u" whisperd becca. "You are so cute" said thomas, " so are you i think i better go to bed in a bit" said becca " so will i" said thomas. But there is only 3 beds, 1 for selina and luke and 1 for alex and james and 1 for becca and Thomas. Rebecca got up out of the chair and thomas unexspecadly smacked becca's bum and snogged her face off, becca put all of her effot into it Thomas put his hands all over her and they got faster and fasterand then they fell over back on the chair.

The End

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