Movie Night Gone BadMature

                             Movie Night Gone Bad!


            I hate scary movies! I may seem very little kid-ish that a grown woman can’t watch horror movies without screaming and hiding under a blanket but that’s what I do. Melody refused to not have scary movies, thank-fully though I convinced her to watch “The Illusionist” too, actually, as soon as I said Edward Norton she agreed. The only reason I didn’t chicken out of coming was because she knows my weaknesses all too well.

“Come on Leyla, it’s an excuse to cuddle up to Ben and act all scared.” She had said three weeks ago when she asked me. Melody grinned and gave me her ‘you know you want to’ look. I tried to keep a straight face and say no, but I failed and giggled.

            Now I am lying on melody’s couch, my legs hanging off the arm rest, my head against Ben’s chest, his arm behind the back of the couch, holding my left hand loosely. David is sitting not far apart from Ben, His arm over Melody’s shoulders.

“What movie are we watching first?” Ben asked, casually twisting my ring around my finger.

“The Grudge” David said smiling purposely at me. I looked at him and stuck my tongue out at him.

“Be nice!” Ben muttered, chuckling, and smiling down at me. I grabbed the collar of his shit and pulled him down to me,

“No,” I growled playfully, and kissed him, only Ben didn’t pull back.

“Honeymoons over,” Melody exclaimed throwing at pillow at us, making Ben remove his tongue from my mouth, and mine from his.

“I’ll remember that.” I warned her, smiling and whipping my mouth off. “Trust me, this isn’t the worst thing we’ve done on your couch.” I grinned wickedly at her; Melody made a face, and sat back on the couch beside David.

            About half way through the movie, I’m hidden in Ben’s chest, my arms around his waist, his arms tight around me too, and I’m trying hard to concentrate on his voice, and the calm, soothing words that he is saying. I’ve got myself ready to turn and hide farther, because someone is going to get killed any minute, the suspenseful music is playing through the speakers really loudly and some girl is being stalked by this weird Japanese dead child! If that doesn’t scream “Soon to be deceased” I don’t know what does! Melody lets out a semi- quiet giggle, which made me jump!

“What are you guys doing?” I exclaimed, throwing myself across Ben’s lap.

“Having a thumb war,” Melody said. I could see her flirty smile in the dark room; David’s face had a similar smile.

I pushed myself up out of Ben’s lap, “You’re kidding me right? I’m sitting here freaking out, and you two are having a thumb war!” I could see David was still looking at Melody with lovey-dovey, flirty eyes, so I slapped his arm; he gave me a confused look. “Stop that, it’s creepy.” I said frustrated.

David shook his head quickly, like he was coming down from a day dream, and focusing on reality. “What?” He muttered his eyes wide as hell. I rolled my eyes, at him.

“Why not,” Melody shrugged, blushing, I guess she noticed David looking at her too, “I know who dies.”

I threw my hands up in the air, "Then why don't we turn off the scary movie before I piss myself and go make those sundaes?" I suggested extremely hopeful.

            Both Melody and David jumped up from the couch and ran in the kitchen, there was a crashing sound, followed by exuberant laughter. Ben got up from the couch, and went behind it, and offered to help me over. I smiled at him, and let him lift me over, he chuckled, and as soon as I hit the ground went running into the kitchen. I wasn’t far behind Ben, he was standing at the island shaking his head with a smile on his face, I turned to see what he was smiling at and there was Melody practically on top of David fighting over a big bag of gummy worms!!! Melody had his left arm pinned back on to the floor so that he couldn’t move it and then her left arm was trying to grab that bag that was in his right. David was putting up quite a bit of a fight too, but he was still doing pretty badly considering he was up against a girl. Ben handed me a bag of Reese’s Pieces and we started eating them and throwing them at the couple on the floor. We took turns throwing pieces of candy at them, watching either Melody or David flinch away, and then eat a few ourselves. After Mel finally got the bag from David I thought the fight was over so I started pulling the four pales of ice cream out of the freezer.

“No!” Melody screamed sounding like she was about to burst into sobs, I spun around and David was no on top of Melody, pinning her arms down and holding the bag of gummy worms in his teeth.

“Come on say uncle,” David tried to say around the plastic bag clutched in his teeth.

Melody gave her stubborn, pout facial expression and spat “Aunt.”

            Then suddenly David’s face turned to the side, along with the sound of a slap. One of Melody’s arms was loose and she apparently, had slapped David right in the face. David’s teeth let go of the bag of gummy worms and they slide a few feet across the floor. Mel tried to sit up with David still on top of her; David threw himself off of her and dove after the bag. Melody grabbed his left leg as he was pulling it off of her and she pulled his leg back, and tried to throw herself forward. David didn’t move, he pulled himself to the bag and covered it with his body, finally Melody stood up, leaned over David’s back, and yanked black fabric with elastic, up high above him, she smiled and let go of the elastic on David’s briefs. David let out a painful groan as the elastic made loud contact with his skin, and he fell over on to his left side on the floor, Melody reached around her groaning fiancé and snatched the gummy worms off the floor.


            “That was so uncalled for!” Ben exclaimed, fighting a grin.

Melody grinned and shrugged, “As long as I get the gummy worms its all good.” She bit off the head a red gummy worm, Melody leaned next to Ben on the island.

I laughed pulling out four bowls from the cupboard, “You just so ruined your chances for having more kids.”

“With David at least,” Ben said laughing with me, and pulling more bags of candy our of grocery bags.

“I didn’t pull that hard, just enough to get him to let go.” Mel said grabbing the ice cream scooper out of the drawer, trying to sound innocent.

David scoffed, dragging himself up to the top of the island, obviously trying to be over dramatic. His face bright red, making his hair look more brown than red.

The End

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