And So It Begins

Half of him wanted to go home, snuggle up under the bedclothes with a good book - perhaps that one by John Nash he had recieved last Christmas.  That was all he read now - science, knowledge.  Yet the signs the universe bombarded him with were different, they were more.  He had been following the wrong path to knowledge.  Now the universe had his attention, he would follow its will - allow himself to be whirled up in it, become a part of it.  He had to know where it would take him.

When the street lamps flickered, the universe was winking at him.  It was the electrical currents in his brain - the workings of his psyche that had connected with the electrics in the lamps which made him flicker.  It must be his personal energy or aura that made them move.  No - he checked himself.  That cannot be the case because the lights are dancing at me.  Above, thunder rumpled affirmatively.  he had not noticed a gathering storm.  He knew he was right.  And now the heavens were urging him.  He must follow the trail.  The sensation welled up within him, getting louder, stronger, the impusle growing out of control.  By something else's will, he began to run.

The End

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