Mouse and the Red lefi

A draft for a school story. I got lazy at parts and sort of lost a portion to a computer viris but do not dispare for it should make sence. (includes little things like this for myself when I was to go onto editing it on paper.)



Mouse was in a great deal of pain. He was trapped in a sea of loneliness. Mouse thought there would be no escape from what he was in. Every time he tried to think of something difrint it went back to that same face. The agine was to great for him to even move. After hours a struggling he manages to force himself into the kitchen; pain still in his heart. When he entered the kitchen he was struck with many memerys, some old others new so he tried to escape. To be alone. To race death that stayed in his heart and pused through his vains. The seen; her body, a mess and her blood spilt. Slowing dripping like how the time ticked. Tick Tock. Death was coming faster and faster. The blade in her hand, soiled with crimson blood. Every moment, blood slowly trikling onto the roses. The dead red roses, being corrupted with the tainting color and smell of freshly spilt blood. She herself still know, sliting the hearts and wrists of mouse. (Need better name for mouse.) Memory's. Of the past looking on into the future. Calling out but still being heard for years. Like a demonic star rising in the heavens only to plummet back into the depths of hell. Like a dream long remembered, dragging on into the day and burning into the hearts of the dreamer. Memorys. Pain and sufuring will be remembered. One dead is remembered while thosends forgonten. A burinig bout of long lost thoghts just sailing of to be banished from there homes. All of this was spinning in his mind. All of this… Life death suffer run hide scare DEATH life birth red scarlet pink black stains on the white cloth. Sleaping with roches and taking best guesses. As this storm of thought came through his mind he relized that the water for tea had boiled. The sudden wistle snapped him out of this trance. He heart was still in the everlasting pain yet he felt a need to do something. He thought he should fing a way to find her. To bring her back.

Mouse set of on his quest to find a answer. Can they meet? He traveled a long way to a place of great mystery and sorrow. He thought that he could find something. He walked around the city of nod. After hours of searching nod he found a place. A strange snake named Red Mur. He was a necromancer and specialized in this sort of bisnos. Mouse (Maybe Kena?)  Felt that this was the best way. ,'You must do to the great tree and bring me a yellow leaf that lies at the top of the ancient tree of sorrow. Only then shall I grant you what you ssssssssssssseek.'

With that mouse was off. He traveled the land in search of the tree. On the way he incountered a grave yard. The graveyard, she was beried hear. Only then could he feal something more painful the the bruses and contrugens that he gathered on his way to this point. The thought finily came into his mind. Maybe he could not cheat death. Mabey he will be the one on that star. He tried to shake the thoghts but he kept comeing back. Death and that scene of horror and fear. Cutting the veins and going strait into the heart. The sting of loss like no other. The failing of life as if that stick waws kicked straight from you. In the end the thought of her standing there. Blood slowly seaping from her rashed and brusid arms. The life and joy slowly dripping onto the floor driping faster and faster. Trapped in a loop. Of sorrow and pain. Of love and loss. Of death and empteness. The creater in his stomic being torn threw with the bullit of death. Hate and loss being stuck where love and trust should be. Mouse manidge to pull himself out of that hole without dyeing his sole bloody with crimson. The fealing of lose was growing. He pick up his gold ring and flung it from his hands into his mo[th and let himself swallow. The ring of love was at that time now lost into the void of his body. After this display he grabed all of his things like his silver lined sack full of food that could feed a small village.

He had to get to the tree.

Mouse tredged.on and on until he finily made it to the ancinte tree. The tree was great and spaned many a mile. Mouse begain to climb. When he got to the first of the large branches he saw that there was something strange about this tree. When he hit a fruit it ozzed out some sort of liquid so he cracked it open and bones, tears, teath and blood came pouring out. Quickly running down the side of the tree. Mouse stumbled because of the sight and fell down the tree. When he regaind thought at the bottom of the tree he was discusted by the blood that had trikled down onto him. He edvently manidge to get to the top of the tree and retrived the leef. He brought it to the snake. 'now I shall bring her back but be wornded she will not like it.

I do not care.' Just do it.

Red mur began to start. And said 'you know you should not play with dead things like this. It will only come down and haunt you in the depths of hell.'

I do not care, continel' said mouse as he chew on his caviar. 'I am proud of how well I did like how I manidge to kill the great beast of narwhale.

Lyeing to me will get you no where. Said red mur

The best part was when I slayed the cursed serpent of glerlen.

This douse not boud well for you said red mur as she appered. Slowly the bright light faded. The buitiful fur. Mouse was surprised to see her as she was once. Lefi. Befor mouse could say anything lefi begain to fall apart. Her wrist became slit and blood began to poor out of her stomach and fall to the ground. A fire a hate in her eyes and she lunged ate mouse killing him. Spilling his blood onto the floor and letting it drip slowly into her mouth. The blood and flesh of her romeo was being drained by juleat. The crimson blood was trickling into her rotted mouth. Soon she died and returned to the world of the dead. Mouse met her in pergatory. Lefi was lifted up and broght up in a light up to heven. Mouse on the other hand was dragged. Dragged down into the inferno and everlasting fire of hell. He burned there while asking lusifer why. Why was je stuck in this satanic pit of pain and suffering. He heard a voice. Red Mur. This did not boud well for you.






Death. It is you falt she died both times. You corrupted her sole and then she was flung out of this world and was stuck in the nuther world. Like the gore you saw at the tree. That was the body of the inasint that had died. The tree of life. I said not to play with dead things. Now you will roghst

With that Red left him. To roust and to suffer forever.

The End

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