The Theif

A woman and man travel to far lengths to snatch an orange bright flower that has healing powers according to natives and the doctors. Both have an important person in their lives that they want to save. But will their efforts in fighting to snatch the one flower, cause them both to lose the ones they love? Or will they form a bonding friendship that leads them on a journey to finding more flowers that would be plenty in helping both save their loved ones. What happens when they do?

Bell leaned against a large boulder. Having hiked all the way up the steep mountain, she finally caught a glance at what she was searching for. A bright orange flower. The villagers believe that the bright flower contains healing powers. They only harvest the flower when one falls ill. They say that the people always get better. Bell wanted to test out the flower for a way to make a medicine that would heal others. Bell's mom was suffering from a skin disease. So far there were not any cures for it. Bell believed that this flower contained the answers to healing her mom. Now all she had to do was take the flower back home. But before Bell got a chance to pluck it, a man beat her to it. 

The End

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