The go - ahead has been given to build a new motorway called the M.000. It will run from Kingston - upon - Toilet to Portsham, a city next to Portsmouth.

This was announced by the Government today.
It will relieve congestion on various triple carriageway roads coming in and out of London and will run through the Hindhead Tunnel.
This could result in the A3 road having to be abolished.
Because of the destruction imposed on the Surrey Landscape by this monstrous new motorway various towns and villages will have to go to make way for this 500 lane motorway.
This includes Guildford.
This city will be razed to the ground to make way for this massive motorway, but do not worry, a new Guildford will be built - where Havant now stands resulting in Havant having to be demolished to make way for this new city of Guildford - the first time that a Surrey town has been shipped to Hampshire.

The new Guildford (now in Hampshire) will be a massive metropolis stretching for 50 miles, resulting in a lot of towns and villages being swallowed up by this massive city.
This does mean that Rowlands Castle will become a suburb and town in the new massive city of Guildford.
Even Fishbourne where the Roman villa is won't be spared for it could become a town in the conurbation of Guildford.

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