Mad Bird

The hours went by incredibly slowly for me.  Seriously, there was nobody around!  Why the hell were we still open?!  I sighed in relief when my shift was done.  I packed up my laptop and headed back to my dorm.

Surprise, surprise!  My roommate wasn’t home.  Oh, well.  I liked the solitude.  Anyway, I walked back to my room and plopped my laptop on the bed.  I decided to be lazy and move it later.  On my secondary computer I logged into Sanctuary.  Just to complete that day, a weird-ass message was up.  Not only that, but it looked like BrokenHalo was pissed about it, too.

Still…chess?  What the hell did that mean?  I was a very paranoid person by nature.  It didn’t take much to make me suspicious of someone.  This, however, was putting my paranoia into overdrive.  I also hated it when I couldn’t figure something out.  So, this guy had just about made my day.  Wasn’t he a lucky bastard?

I don’t like this…good thing I have a back-up account for just-in-case scenarios.  I thought as I started to set up my “workshop.”  This guy was smart and he was just toying with us.  It also seemed like he was going to do something fairly big, and I didn’t think I wanted to know.

Instinctively, I strengthened my firewalls and the viruses I made.  I even put in a few of my own programs and an almost unbreakable code.  Too bad the eternity code I was working on wasn’t finished yet.  Still, that code should have been tough enough for any would-be hacker.  Since it used both Cherokee and old Welsh, it usually stumped many a person.  Well, Shea didn’t count since she helped me to create it.

“Chess?”  Sorry, hate that game.  It’s too easy.  And yet, I somehow doubt that you’ll let us off the hook that easily.  I’m really starting to think that you might actually force us to play your little “game,” Mr. Endgame. 

I don’t see why we shouldn’t take it head on if that’s the case.


Haha, sometimes, I was way too smart-mouthy for my own good.  I may have crossed the line with some people, but screw them.  This guy was pissing me off with his arrogance.

The End

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