Cyber Secrets

I smiled wickedly as the notifications started popping up on my screen. 

"Oh excellent. Ohh this is just brilliant." I can't stop smiling as I check in on the BBS. Nope, no new messages about our hacker. I switch back to my programs, no point in letting the cat out of the bag just yet. They can fumble around in the dark for a little while.

I look at the IP, no way to really tell if this was the original idiot or the pooper scopper. Either way it made for a good bit of fun.

Closing that set of programs and opening a new batch I entered the information and let them run. Suppose I could leave them and go for a break.

Upstairs my roomies had been and gone. Someone left me a note.

Kelly, all the pop tarts are gone. That's what the grocery list is for. 

The last bit had been underlined. Whatever. A pizza was left in the fridge with DONT TOUCH written in felt pen all over the lid. I cracked it open, Deluxe, excellent. I put the three last pieces on a plate and went back downstairs.

The first search had returned a result. The IP belonged to a computer in the US, Seattle WA to be exact.

As I waited more information started popping up on the screen. It appears our friend wasn't smart about protecting their information online. Must be the original idiot. The IP was logged on several websites.

I sifted through them, looking for something useful. Chapters, warez-bb, various porn sites... nothing good so far. Oh... here we go; a JP Morgan and Chase site had logged the IP. Brilliant.

There was, of course, always the chance that this was a fake out. The information just more crumbs on a trail leading away from the hacker. I didn't really care though. It was someone, and I was bored.

Getting to the JP computer system should be fun. But first, time to get the party started... if they're smart enough.

My fingers fly across the keyboard. I haven't had this much fun in weeks and it's only the start. 

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Really everyone. You make me sad. I'd hoped this was to be a group affair, but it appears you're leaving me to do the dirty work for everyone.

Very well. I'll play teacher. I've put the IP back where it should have been. To anyone who's not too stupid to find it, game on. To the rest... wtf are you doing here anyways?



The End

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